Why Superfast IT?

Fast. Proactive. Trusted experts.

To make technology your competitive advantage doesn't just happen. Not without a fantastic team, robust processes and in-house expertise. Here's why our clients think Superfast IT is a great IT company and why they continue to work with us.

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Fast response

"We need an organisation that can get onto our problems straight away and our experiences with Superfast is that's what they give us."

Nick Hancock
Managing Director, NPA 24/7


We promise:
  • Calls answered in 10 seconds.
  • Majority of day-to-day IT niggles resolved within 10 minutes.
  • Clear escalation path for the more challenging IT issues.
Fast response NPA

Trusted Partner

"When we chose Superfast as our partner to provide the IT support, we knew that we would need to choose somebody that we trusted and would help the business and really be a partner to us... we can honestly say that they're actually a part of our business.

"We rely on them. We have confidence in them. We understand the pricing mechanism."

Nick Hancock
Managing Director, NPA 24/7


We promise:
  • To get to know your business inside out.
  • Account management and ongoing reviews.
  • Honest advice proportionate to your business needs and budget.
  • Clear pricing structure with money back guarantee.
Trusted partner NPA


Speak to an IT expert

Find our more about partnering with us, book time with one of our IT consultants.

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We had some files lost/deleted accidentally. Connor was able to retrieve and replace these in a very short time. This gives us confidence of the back up system that we have in place with Superfast. Many thanks Brian
Brian Cook
Google Review

Secure data back-up

Your data is safe with Superfast IT. Data is backed up four times. Information on Microsoft 365 - Outlook, OneDrive and Teams, are also backed-up. Find out more about disaster recovery and cybersecurity by booking time with our security expert.

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Great Culture. Responsive. Professional.

Find out more about our culture on our about us page or schedule a call with one of our experts.

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The culture of Superfast IT is why Alloy Heat Treatment have worked with them for many years. They are very responsive to any issue you have; it is taken care of in a professional manner. Once you pick you the phone or email Superfast IT you know your problem will be fixed.
Ian Perks
Alloy Heat

Let's work together!

If you're looking to work with one of the best IT companies in Birmingham then look no further. With exceptional service, professionalism and a fast response, we can give you the IT to help you win at business. Schedule time with one of our experts to understand how we can help you with: IT support, Cybersecurity, Data back-up, Cloud solutions, Remote working, Office 365, Telephones, Connectivity: Internet, WiFi & 5G.

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