Cyber Security Services in Birmingham

Protecting Small and Medium Businesses in Birmingham and the West Midlands from the Growing Cyber Security Threat


Is your business protected against cyber threats?

The Shocking Reality of
Cyber Security in Birmingham

32% of Businesses
Breached or Attacked

in the last 12 months

1 in 25 Businesses
Hit By Ransomware

in the last 12 months

1 in 12 Businesses

in the last 12 months

* Data from the UK Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2023

How We Keep You Safe

All our managed IT support clients benefit from our core cyber security services as standard. This includes:


Removing vulnerabilities from your systems.

Advanced Email Threat Protection

Protecting against phishing and email spoofing.

Microsoft 365

Keeping your email and cloud data safe.

Detection & Response

Security experts watching over your systems 24/7.

Safe Web Browsing

Blocking access to
malicious websites.

Offsite Server Backup

Automatically backing up your servers every hour.

Managed Firewall

Protecting your network from hackers and cyber criminals.

Cyber Essentials


Superfast IT is an accredited Cyber Essentials certification body in the West Midlands.

We can help you prepare your business for assessment against the Cyber Essentials framework.

We can handle the process when you are ready to complete your assessment.

The Cyber Essentials assessment fee is from £300+VAT.

We offer professional services to help you prepare for assessment as a project or as an ongoing managed service.

Additional Cyber Security Services

For businesses that need to go further than our core cyber security services, we have a range of additional cyber security services:

Security Awareness Training

Train your team to keep your work securely.

Vulnerability Management

Identify and remediate hidden vulnerabilities.

Security Incident & Event Management

Monitor your environment and respond to signs of attack.

DMARC Email Authentication

Protect your email domains from unauthorised use.

Our Cyber Security Credentials

We've been protecting small and medium companies in Birmingham and the West Midlands since 2002. In that time, the world has changed, and so have we. We developed the capabilities needed to protect you in the present day.


Certified Information
Security Manager

Our team of experts is led by our very own Certified Information Security Manager, James Cash.


Cyber Essentials
Certification Body

Superfast IT is a certification body for Cyber Essentials.

IASME cyber assurance

Cyber Assurance

Superfast IT has been independently assessed to meet the IASME Cyber Assurance standard.

Is Your Business Properly Protected Against Cyber Threats?

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Is your business protected against cyber threats?