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Moving 200 staff to remote working in a quick turnaround


NPA - move to remote working case study


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Transitions to remote working, all while remaining 24/7 operational

Nick Hancock, Managing Director of home emergency experts, NPA, discusses how Superfast IT facilitated a smooth transition to remote working during the pandemic.


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Case Study

The pandemic could have been a disaster for NPA. Their workforce had to be transited to remote working very quickly, without downtime. None of their team members were set up to work from home.

Additional security, telephony amendments, and new laptops had to be set up and delivered to their workforce, who also had to be trained on how to securely work remotely.



IT challenges

  • NPA operations needed to continue 24/7 during the transition to remote working

  • None of their staff had ever worked remotely

  • Telephone systems needed extra cybersecurity

  • Telephone systems needed to be altered to work with workers home WiFi

  • New laptops needed to be ordered, configured and delivered to workers homes

  • Staff needed training on how to use IT and telephone systems from home

About NPA

NPA are one of the UK’s leading providers of emergency property assistance.

Their team of advisors answer, deploy and respond to thousands of calls from our client’s customers every year. Over the past 5 years, NPA have grown the business from 30 to nearly 200 employees after winning contracts with insurance, house builder and housing association markets.

Nationwide Property Assistance, NPA
Shift to remote working case study
Remote working case study with NPA
Changing IT and telephone security during COVID


Extra security implemented to NPA claims handling system.

Telephony system were adapted so their team could work off individuals own Wi-Fi connections.

PCs and laptops were ordered, configured and delivered to team across Halesowen, Birmingham. and the West Midlands.

Team received training on how to use new IT and telephone systems from home, with ongoing support.


  • Smooth transition to remote working.

  • Business remained operational 24/7 during remote working transition.

  • Service levels remained high during the transition and throughout the pandemic.

  • Team members received the necessary training they needed to remote working, with ongoing support.

  • Provided long term, secure solution.


Nick Hancock, MD, NPA

"The pandemic could have been a real disaster for NPA as a business. We have a 24 hour call centre and no home working facility at the beginning of the pandemic. Everybody came into the office. Everybody worked on the Office telephony and our trained handling system.

"We very quickly and I mean very quickly, we had to either stop operating, go on a very, very reduced operating mode - which wouldn't have suited our client base at all, or go to home working.

"We really did rely on the Superfast guys to help us. Our lead engineer, I think one week, worked in excess of 90 hours to get us up and running. There was a whole range of things that we had to do:

"We needed additional security to our claims handling system for people to be able to work from home. We had to make amendments to our telephony system so that they could work off individuals own Wi-Fi connections. We needed, at short notice, lots more PCs, especially laptops and, in fact, our lead engineer even took those round to some of our callers homes so we could get them set-up.

"Quite often, the staff needed to be talked through how to log on remotely rather than in the office, so Superfast did all of that for us. We actually didn't miss an hour when we transitioned from the office to home, it went incredibly well.

"The service levels remained really high during that period. And what was a really scary moment went really quite well and we've continued to since the pandemic work from a mixed operation.

"So although we've transitioned back to the office, we still have a number of people that work from home on certain days to ensure that we socially distance. And that, as I say, went incredibly well."


We really did rely on the Superfast guys to help us... We actually didn't miss an hour when we transitioned from the office to home, it went incredibly well.

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