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Cyber security for SMEs in the West Midlands, UK

A firewall alone is no longer enough. Today there are multiple cyber risks, all requiring individual mitigating defences. This is why we have created two security packages; core and enhanced. The security packages form a system of defences that are essential and proportionate for small businesses.

Core Enhanced
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Included in IT support
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What's included?
Security updates
Ensure software updates are made as they become available.
Prevent, search for, detect and remove software viruses.
Secure web browsing
Blocking malicious websites that contain viruses, blocking intrusive advertising and disruptive pop-ups.
Email security
Login security, spam filtering, user security, email encryption
Network security
Implement and manage policies, processes and practices to prevent, detect and monitor unauthorised access, misuse or modification of data contained within your business' network of computers.
Secure remote access
Safely manage data received from outside of your network of computers or while remote working, including a VPN
Security policies
We help you to identify the rules and procedures specific to your business
Two-factor authentication for Office 365
Security process where two different authentication factors are used to verify an account
Server back-ups with offsite replication
Four copies of your data is saved so that your data is recoverable, even in the worst case scenario.
Microsoft 365 back-up
Information on emails, Teams and One Drive are also backed
Manage what applications your team downloads. ThreatLocker protects your business from malicious and misused software.
Employee security awareness training
Formal education of business security to non-technical employees to understand their responsibilities and signs of malicious activity
Phishing simulations
Train and test employees to identify and report email scams
Dark web monitoring
Have your details been stolen? We find personal, business and banking details associated with your business that is for sale on the black market.
Endpoint detection and response
Continuous monitoring and response to advanced threats
Disaster recovery testing
Test your disaster recovery plan. Be safe in the knowledge that you can restore your operations quickly after a flood, fire or cyber attack.

Designed for SMEs

Practical and realistic security for SMEs. Simple frameworks that work. 

Affordable and flexible

We only include controls that a small business needs, making cyber security affordable and feasible. There's complete flexibility. Price is based per person, so you only pay for what you need, with a monthly rolling contract.


Your data is protected and protocols are in place for the worst case scenario. Demonstrate your commitment to your client base by also becoming Cyber Essentials accredited.

Cyber Security for small businesses



Core and Enhanced

After analysing the threat environment, we have carefully crafted two distinct packages; Core and Enhanced. You can choose the right level of security for your business.


Both packages are designed with SMEs in mind. Practical, affordable and essential in today's connected working environment. Watch our video to view our introduction to the packages.

Today, there is not one cyber defence that can provide sufficient security for a small or medium sized business.

Consider how you secure your house. The primary security measure is to lock your front door. But it doesn't stop there. You buy a secure door, secure your windows, garage and WiFi, have substantial locks, install a ring doorbell/CCTV, have a burglar alarm, fire alarm and leave the landing light or TV on if you are out. The police or fire are called if there is an incident and have home insurance for recovery. Also take into account that you should know if and when to open the front door to strangers.

Cybersecurity is much the same. There are a number of measures required today to be secure. A firewall is no longer enough.  


Why do I need so many security defences?


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Get certified

We can also help you to become Cyber Essentials accredited. This is awarded by IASME and demonstrates cybersecurity commitment to your clients and customers.


Cyber Essentials

You can choose to certify your business against the Cyber Essentials framework. Find out more about Cyber Essentials.

Speak to one of our cybersecurity experts. Take the next step to becoming certified.

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West Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre Partner

We are partners to the West Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre (WMCRC). Keeping ahead of cyber threats is important to order to keep your business secure. The WMCRC, which is affiliated to both the West Midlands Police and National Cyber Security Centre, help us and our customers remain one step ahead of hackers.

Free cybersecurity webinars

As part fo our alliance with the West Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre, we are hosting a joint webinar with cyber crime prevention experts from the West Midlands Police. Complete the form below to be notified of the free webinar. You can also access considerable discounted cybersecurity services.



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