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Gravity Risk Services Ltd.

Chartered Insurance Broker, Stourbridge

Achieving professional, business-grade IT and security with the help of Superfast IT.


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IT support for Insurance broker - Gravity Risk Services

Gravity Risk Team


Professional IT and security for a growing business

All business processes and systems are refined over time. IT and security is no exception. As a growing business, Gravity Risk Services Ltd. identified the need to improve internal IT and security systems.

Gravity Risk Services Ltd. turned to Superfast IT to develop their IT.


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Gravity Risk Services Ltd.

Case Study

Like many start-ups, Gravity Risk Services Ltd. focussed on growing their business, with great success. IT wasn't a primary concern, but as they grew, the maturity of their IT and security needed development.

Building IT systems that will stand the test of time is a difficult task for any small business owner, but an important long-term goal for the longevity of any business. Working with Superfast IT, Gravity Risk Services Ltd. has addressed this concern.

Today, Gravity Risk Services Ltd. has business-grade IT systems that are secure and reliable, with professional data storage and backup. Reaching our recommended, professional level of IT and security means Gravity Risk Services Ltd. will be productive, with limited downtime and issues, with flexibility to grow their team without concern.

Gravity Risk Services Ltd. has also adopted our recommended level of cybersecurity - proportionate for their business size, providing peace of mind that their business is well protected.


IT challenges

  • IT best practice wasn't being followed, for example, data was not saved centrally, instead saved locally to laptops.

  • Not following security best practice, for example, no encryption on laptops.

  • IT and cybersecurity systems and processes were not mature and would need improving to enable the business to grow seamlessly.

About Gravity Risk Services Ltd.

Down to Earth Insurance

Gravity Risk Services Ltd.are an award-winning independent insurances broker based in Stourbridge. They have seen incredible growth and now help to protect around 1,200+ clients businesses through their mantra of giving “down to earth insurance advice”.

In their own words, they have no desire to be the biggest broker, just the best. Gravity Risk Services Ltd. has grown quickly to become a leading independent regional insurance broker.

Cybersecurity for Insurance companies
cyber security Insurance company case studies
IT support for Insurance broker
IT support Insurance company case studies


Gravity Risk Services Ltd. began partnering with Superfast IT in 2013, taking advantage of ongoing Managed IT Support and our Core Cybersecurity

IT Consultancy provided Gravity Risk Services Ltd. with the advice and guidance needed for continuous improvement, with numerous upgrades and project work. For example, Superfast IT installed a server at their office, before, more recently, moving to the cloud - all with the help of Superfast IT expertise.


  • Professional, business-grade IT and security is in place, which has enabled the business to grow seamlessly.

  • Gravity Risk Services Ltd. are cyber secure.

  • Any ad hoc IT challenges are addressed quickly and promptly through their IT support subscription.

  • Project work has enabled Gravity Risk Services Ltd. to upgrade IT systems and maintain a modern IT infrastructure.

  • IT costs are predictable and easy to budget through our managed IT and cybersecurity services.


We have developed an excellent working relationship with Gravity Risk Services Ltd. Don’t take our word for it, see what Managing Director, Dale Collett, had to say about our services:

"I have been delighted with the service at Superfast IT, they are quick and efficient in resolving any issues.

"They provide the personal touch, and after dealing with faceless IT departments in the past, this is really refreshing.

"They live up to their name and you will always have a response within a few minutes, and receive updates as they progress through the issues until they are resolved.

"The service team are great to deal with, and nothing is too much trouble. You always feel there is an experienced team there to resolve problems. At Superfast, everybody has the same ethos as us, and they are a really good solid company”

Dale Collett, Managing Director, Gravity Risk Services Ltd.


For more information about Gravity Risk Services Ltd., visit their website: Gravity Risk Services Ltd.


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