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Virtual IT

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Virtual IT Manager

As part of our Managed IT Support Package, you have a dedicated Virtual IT Manager.

Meet Mark. He is one of our Virtual IT Managers. When you sign up for managed IT support with Superfast IT, you will be assigned your own virtual IT Manager, with on-site and virtual IT support services. Not only this, but you will also have IT technicians to deal with everyday IT blips and queries. 

You can contact your virtual IT manager as you need support, with unlimited guidance.

Access your Virtual IT Manager on demand.
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Virtual IT

Virtual IT support services

Virtual IT Manager

Unlimited access

Speak to your virtual IT manager as often as needed, either via email, phone or Teams.


Expertise IT knoweldge in general IT, cloud, cybersecurity, networking, internet, Office 365, and telephony.


Our Virtual IT Manager ensures IT projects progress, with frequent updates.

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